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15th November 2017

Not every dumpling is the same as the last one that you ate, so it is important for you to understand that you can be wowed by so many more flavours. Which is why our Asian Fusion Darlinghurst restaurant wants to tell you about a range of dumplings for you to go try.

We can offer you the most authentic dumplings in Sydney, but we will first tell you about all the different dumplings:

• Steamed
      o Shao Mai
      o Xiaolongbao
      o Momo

• Boiled
      o Shui Jiao
      o Hun Tun
      o Tang Yuan

• Fried
      o Guo Tie
      o Wontons

By simply looking at the different cooking methods you now have 8 types of dumplings to choose from. Be sure to try them all at our Asian restaurant in Sydney.

Our Asian Fusion Darlinghurst restaurant is open 7 days a week for both lunch and dinner.