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30th November 2017

When you walk into a Chinese kitchen, you should expect your nose to be filled with a vast range of aromas that make you salivate! Which is why our Asian Fusion Darlinghurst restaurant wants to tell you about the Chinese cooking condiments that are for every kitchen.

Chinese cooking ingredients might seem a little foreign to other people, which is why these condiments are the perfect way for you to introduce them into your cooking.

Here’s what our Asian restaurant in Sydney believes are the most universal Chinese cooking ingredients:

• Soy Sauce
• Black Bean Paste
• Abalone Sauce
• Chicken Marinade
• Oyster Sauce
• Sesame Oil
• Chilli Oil
• Lao Gan Ma
• Aged Vinegar
• Rice Wine
• Bean Curd

A lot of these ingredients are used in our Asian fusion restaurant in Sydney for you try and get ideas on how to use them in your home.

So be sure to grab your friends and come on down to our Asian Fusion Darlinghurst restaurant for lunch or dinner!