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21st November 2017

Every culture would have their own set of dining etiquettes that everyone should try to follow when eating, yet there is something about the Chinese one that intrigues me, as it is a lot stricter than others. Which is why our Asian fusion Darlinghurst restaurant will talk to you about dining with a traditional Chinese family and what to do.

Most people know that the Chinese dining traditions are a little more intricate than others and the rules are built around respect, which is why our dumpling restaurant in Darlinghurst will:

• A round table is used when eating dinner because more people can fit comfortably, while the guest of honour will sit next to the host
• Dining may only begin once the host and all of the guests are seated at the table
• Apart from soup all dishes must be eaten with chopsticks unless you don’t know how to use them
• Keep your dining space clean and accorded to the people around you
• Tea is served at almost every dinner, whoever is seated closest to the tea or wine should be the one to fill up the other guest’s cups, always be sure to express your thanks. Did you know that guests are not allowed to pour their own drinks?
• Be sure to serve people who are older than you prior to putting food for yourself

Now that you know some of the basic essential Chinese dining etiquettes, you are ready to impress any Chinese family or worker who invites you out to dinner. We hope that our Asian restaurant in Sydney has been able to offer you an insight into our culture a little more.

Be sure to come by our Asian Fusions Darlinghurst Restaurant, we are open 7 days a week for both lunch and dinner.