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1st November 2017

Looking to take our cuisine into your home tonight to spice things up for dinner? Well, we have you sorted here at the Asian Fusion Darlinghurst restaurant, as we want to ensure you know all about the essential cooking ingredients for Chinese food.

What we do recommend prior to you starting to cook your own food, is to come on by the one and only Asian Fusion restaurant in Sydney where the flavours are beyond imaginable so that you can get a taste of our cuisine. Once you’ve done that then be sure to see what the core ingredients are in all of those dishes:

• Garlic
• Ginger
• Shallots
• Chillies
• Parsley
• Soy Sauce
• Oyster Sauce
• Sesame Oil
• Five Spice Powder
• Chilli Sauce
• Rice Vinegar
• Bok Choy
• Chinese Eggplant
• Chinese Cabbage
• Chinese Broccoli
• Soy Bean Sprouts
• Chinese Mushrooms
• Bamboo
• Assortment Of Protein/Poultry/Red Meats

While there are many more core ingredients in Chinese cooking, it is important to learn about the foods that you will be cooking with and how they can impact your cooking. Trial and error is always a good way to start, then work your way up to some more challenging dishes. We hope that our Asian restaurant in Sydney has given you some inspiration to cook our cuisine at home.

Don’t forget that we are open 7 days a week for both lunch and dinner so be sure to come and by. Bring your friends too!